Going to bring a kitty Kat in your home? I bet everyone would be so excited, especially the kids.

The thing I like the most about cats is that they are far less messy than other pets and are low maintenance. That’s why it is easy to bring them home without giving it much thought.

But still, when you have made up your mind of adding a feline to your home, there are several things that you should bring under consideration so that the new member will find no difficulty in adopting to its new home.

Make Sure to get all the Supplies

Even before the kitty has arrived at your home, the first thing is to make sure you have all the essential things ready for it. Get all the supplies that are needed like a litter box, meals, cat milk, etc.

Groom your cat daily

Your cat can have depression. Grooming it will help your cat to release stress. Make sure to brush your cat daily to avoid any dirt or debris stuck in the fur. Moreover, clean the cat’s eyes, ears, and mouth daily with a cotton pad to avoid infections.

Cats have a Long Lifespan

Another important thing you have to keep in mind before bringing a cat is that they have a long life span that lies between 10 to 18 years, even 20 has been recorded in some cases. So make sure that you are ready for a long term commitment.

Declawing is the most Inhuman Thing

After bringing the kitty, please avoid the declawing as much as you can, because the surgery involves unbearable pain for the cat, and giving this much pain to a mute creature is no doubt the most inhuman thing one can ever do.

Provide your cat with a proper scratch equipment

Now keep in mind that cats have an instinctive urge to scratch a lot, you can’t control it so if you want to avoid the scratches on your sofas, bring proper scratch equipment for your cat.

File your cat’s nail

Filing the claws of a kitten is much more appreciated than declawing. So if you desperately want to get rid of the sharp nail, simply file them.

Neuter or spay the cats at the right age

Make sure to neuter or spay the cats between 4 to 8 months so that you won’t have to suffer those painful mating calls and spraying on the walls.

Make sure to clean the litter box regularly

Keep in mind that cats are inherently a clean animal, so it’s not going to use a dirty litter box. That’s why, clean the litter box regularly otherwise, the cat is going to use your plants and clothes for the mess.

There should be consistency in the mealtimes

The cat should not be fed excessively, there is fixed mealtime for the cats, give them their food on their fixed timing so that they develop a healthy diet habit.

Make sure your house is safe for the cat

Before bringing the cat in your home, remove anything that can harm the cat or that is hazardous for its life. E.g. Chemicals, alcohol, and even some plants that are toxic for cats.

Don’t forget the veterinary checkups

The most important thing of all, never forget the veterinary visits after every 2 months and complete the vaccination course of your cat so that both you and your feline spent a healthy happy life.