Dog anxiety can be caused by a number of factors; illness, travel, thunderstorms, family death, separation, or they may develop unexplained phobic or neurotic behaviour, or barking or other antisocial behaviour.

If you can determine the cause of the anxiety then eliminating the trigger is the best cure for the problem.

It is still not always necessary. If your dog is having separation anxiety any time you leave the house, and you are working outside the house full time, you have a problem! I suppose you might give up work and live with your dog at home, but sometimes we need to be a bit practical!

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There are a variety of things you can do to relieve the fear of your dog as you leave for this specific question-many people have noticed that playing calming music when doing works wonders.

Then Mozart? — That definitely used to calm down my hyperactive son a little, so Mozart will be my first personal option, but there’s plenty of calming classical and new age, or even some light rock or jazz music could work-try whatever you have in your CD collection for starters.

Another brilliant idea I’ve recently heard about is making a tape record of your own voice and playing it while you’re away on a continuous loop.

And there are some homeopathic and herbal remedies that will really relax your dog. So those can well help with anxiety about separation from your dog.

But what about dogs that are terrified of noisy noises-my dog Kara has an unreasonable fear of thunderstorms, and fear of explosions, and yes, she is scared of just about all loud noises. There are other dogs.

When I was out one New Year’s Eve, Kara found her way under the house and fled (due to being frightened by the fireworks that were going off). The next morning, my neighbours had to pick her up from the pound.

Apparently on New Year’s Eve, the dog catchers are out in action as they round up and impound several puppies! A good little increase of income for the local authorities. It took over $100 to get her back.

I have found that peppermint oil applied to her paws’ pads has some soothing effect, too. And a natural cure for stress works very well too.

When I became interested in natural remedies for dogs several years ago-actually it was after the fireworks accident-for some reason Kara was very determined to keep escaping. She only kept trying until she knew she could get out. Through her zeal to try to break through the thick wooden boards I had put up to avoid any escapes, she was also destroying part of my house. And I took her to the vet, because I was at a loss to know what to do with her.

An anti-anxiety drug was recommended for her. It made Kara somewhat dopey, and somehow seemed to strip away some of her personality. In other words, I presume that she has appeared drugged. I haven’t eaten it at all.

Now I know that all the natural anxiety medications for dogs, which have no unpleasant side effects, are much more fun. And they are doing doing a good job.