How much does it Cost to Neuter a Dog? Read the Full Guide

What is neutering?

Neutering is also called fixing or castrating up animal’s reproductive organs. Neutering dog is a pet surgery in which the testicles or balls are removed from the dogs.

The main purpose of this surgery is to control the population and prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is also done to prevent different behavioral problems in your dog without decreasing its protective instincts.

This surgery lasts for only a few hours. Keep in mind that the dog is put under general anesthesia for the short surgical procedure before surgery.

After any kind of surgery, your pet will require a few days for full recovery, but most dogs will act like normal after their anesthesia wears off.

Regional pricing of neutering

Regional pricing or neutering depends on where you live because the price is different from region to region.

For example, if we talk about big cities like New York or Chicago, the price is almost from $325 to $390.

Generally, the prices in rural areas are less as compared to urban areas. The reason is that different factors affect the cost, such as the location of your hometown.

How much does it cost to neuter a dog in your city/state?

PriceCity/StateHelpful Resources
$100IllinoisClick here for more information
$75TexasClick here for more information
$125 – $425NYCFind low-cost spay/neuter options in USA via ASPCASpayUSA and PetSmart Charities
$80 – $100MinnesotaClick here for more information
$121 – $172CaliforniaClick here for more information
$115 – $165Los AngelesSNPLA.ORG
$75 – $125FloridaFind Clinics Here

What is the average cost of neutering a dog?

An average cost of neutering a dog is $35 to $600.

The cost to neuter a dog depends on different factors. For example, what is the breed of your dog, your dog’s age, health condition? It also depends on where your pet lives and where you want to go for the procedure. 

When you come to know about the different benefits of spaying or to neuter your dog, you might want to do it.

Now, the question arises in your mind, how much it costs to spay or neuter a dog. It is not a cheap task, but many love animals don’t worry about their finances. They make a quick decision to neuter their dog.

What is the average cost of spaying a female dog?

As we all know that spaying a female dog is costly as compared to neutering. It is a big surgery in which the doctors have to remove the ovaries and uterus of the female dog. 

After the surgery, she is unable to have the puppies. Depending on the condition of your female dog, the cost of spaying usually ranges from $50 to $500. If the cost of spaying a dog is lower, then ultimately, it is subsidized through a public agency. 

If you want to find a low-cost clinic in your area, you can check the local animal shelters or any private clinic. If still, you don’t know, you can go for an online search for low-cost spay or neuter clinic for your area. 

Female Spaying is costly as compared to Male Dog Neutering

It is to note that female spaying is costly as compared to male neutering. The reason is that spaying a female dog is a little bit complicated because it is a major surgery in which doctors remove ovaries.

Unfortunately, if your dog has some complicated health conditions, doctors usually go for extra blood testing before surgery. This is the main reason the cost can go up to $600 in case of female dog neutering.

What is included in the cost of neutering a dog?

Although spaying a dog is a little bit complicated, neutering is also a surgical procedure where the dog incites the dog’s scrotum. After the incision, the doctor removes the testicles.

So it is also a surgery in which the doctor always looks at the dog’s health condition whether he would be healthy enough for the surgery or not.

At the private vet hospitals, usually, the pre-examination and blood work needs to be run. So all these things are included in the cost. Anesthesia cost is also included.

You should keep in mind that the cost of neutering small dogs is less than large ones. The cost also includes monitoring your dog through the entire procedure, and afterwards, it still awakes from anesthesia.

Why is the cost to neuter a dog is higher? 

Keep in mind that the cost to neuter a dog is different because of different reasons. You must consider many variables when you are concerned about the total cost of a neuter surgery.

The cost also depends on the size of your dog.

For example, if your dog is heavier, larger, and old, the doctor has to give more anesthesia and surgical time for the operation. These conditions for your pet surgery may raise your bill. Before surgery, some doctors do additional testing and blood work to operate safely.

Although it may increase the cost, your dog will be on the safer side due to these tests and blood work.

a.) Screening and Blood work

Normally, doctors do screening, blood work on healthy dogs. The reason is that they want to detect previously unknown underlying conditions.

However, some doctors ask you to place an IV catheter for additional safety for your dog during anesthesia and surgery. If you want it, then it adds to the cost of neutering your dog.

b.) IV Catheter

On the other hand, some veterinarians put a catheter during anesthesia; they will not ask you whether to put it on or not. This will also increase the cost of the surgery. Unfortunately, if your dog is a cryptorchid, then it will increase the cost.

It is known that it is a condition in which one or two testicles fail to descend normally into the scrotum. At this condition, the surgery is more complex and invasive therefore increasing the fee for the procedure.

c.) Higher cost in VET Hospitals

Although the cost is much higher in private clinics and hospitals, many organizations and government agencies are offering these types of surgeries at a much lower level. This low cost is for the people who could not afford the high cost of surgeries for their pets.

If you are going for these low-cost options for your dog, find out the actual cost of neutering or spaying a dog. Now, you can pick up the right course of action for you and your dog.

Veterinary hospital vs Low-Cost Clinic

Whether you want a vet hospital or a low-cost clinic for your dog, it will be your own choice. The reason is that this choice depends on your financial situation and the level of comfort you choose.

If you do a little research, you will successfully get a low-cost clinic with adequate care. You will be surprised to know that these clinics usually do high volumes of neuter and spay surgeries, almost 30 to 50 surgeries per day.

If you are thinking of your pet surgery, you should check that your veterinarian must have at least one year of surgical experience.

Due to their low prices, these low-cost clinics are becoming popular day by day.

Low-Cost Clinic; Good Option for young dogs

If you think that your dog is healthy, you can go for the surgery in low-cost clinics. A low cost is a good option for healthy and young dogs. So if you cannot afford the high cost in a veterinary hospital, you can go for the low cost because you have a healthy dog.

Keep in mind that these low-cost clinics are playing an incredible role in giving the services at low cost and controlling the population of pets.

In these types of clinics, the cost of surgery ranges from $50 to $100

What you should consider before taking your dog for neutering?

1. Conversation with your pet doctor

It is good to have a conversation with your vet while discussing your options. The reason is that sometimes the doctors have different payment plans or other financial options to work with.

As it is a big surgery, you should expect a high level of care from your veterinarian.

You will be surprised to know that the most difficult surgery regarding a female dog is of a large size, adult, obese, or slightly overweight dog.

2. Experienced Pet Doctors at VET Hospitals and Low-cost Clinics

Follow your vet doctor to perform your dog castration. Keep in mind that your pet doctor must have experience and knowledge to understand all the factors before and after surgery. Also, the equipment used while surgery must be of high quality and sterilized.

You will be happy to know that many cooperative veterinarians will also provide you with payment plan options according to your financial situation.

Don’t worry about the low-cost clinics because they will also provide you with great pet care before and after the castration.

Nowadays, even the vet doctors and staff at low-cost clinics are highly trained where they perform many spay or neuter surgeries in a day.

3. Clarify everything with the doctor

However, whether you go to a Vet hospital or a vet clinic, the doctor waits for the awakening of the dog after the operation.

This is the main reason you should clarify everything, especially when you are going for a low-cost service.

You should examine whether what is included whether the pre-examination of blood work will be done or not.

4. Follow-up Appointment

On the other hand, if the low-cost service only includes the surgery, you should discuss it with your vet doctor to make a follow-up appointment.

The cost will be different when your dog has some pre-existing conditions, such as if your dog is older or it needs some extra blood test before surgery.

Ultimately, it will cost an additional hundred to 200 dollars to the total cost.

But if you talk with your vet doctor to handle the situation, he might help you lower the cost.

Along with discussing all these things, you should also ask your doctor about the visit to the operating room to be comfortable with the procedures.

What are the benefits of neutering a dog?

  • You will be surprised to know that there are many benefits of neutering or spaying your dog
  • It also helps your dog in long-term health. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of various health risks such as anal tumors, prostate infections, Testicular cancers, dog fight injuries, and roaming of dogs that may cause road accidents.
  • Neutering also plays a positive benefit on your dog’s personality.
  • Keep in mind that without reproductive organs, your dog will not have high levels of testosterone. So it will reduce restlessness, bolting, escaping, humping, and different types of aggression such as fighting.
  • As we all know, neutering is a method to control birth; it also helps in reducing the homeless dog population.
  • In the end, different dogs are taken as pets and get shelter through adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. 1. Why choose a veterinary hospital? 

    Choosing a veterinary hospital for neutering your dog will be the higher cost due to some factors. Keep in mind that you are paying for high-quality services and care such as intravenous fluids, antibiotics, pain medications, high-quality Anesthetic, anesthesia monitoring equipment, nursing care, as well as IV catheter.

    Therefore, choosing a veterinary hospital is a good decision, especially when not having financial problems. Your dog is therefore in a protective and caring environment during the surgery. 

  2. 2. Why do people go to low-cost clinics for their dogs? 

    Low cost does not mean that you are choosing a low-quality service for surgery. All the experiences in these clinics are slightly different from in hospitals, but still, the doctors and nurses take great care of the pets.

    Low-cost clinics usually wait for the contributions and grants to get the equipment and veterinary staff for surgical procedures. These are the things due to which they do not have the same high-quality medications and aesthetics. 

  3. 3. Why are low-cost clinics different from veterinary hospitals? 

    In low-cost clinics, doctors do not go for the placement of an IV catheter. Also, they do not give any intravenous fluids to the dog during the procedure. These clinics do not perform a physical examination of your dog before surgery.

    Some blood work is done before surgery in veterinary hospitals, but low-cost clinics don’t offer these Blood Works. If your dog has any one of the following health conditions, you should choose a veterinary hospital compared to a low-cost clinic to avoid any mishap. 

    1. Brachycephalic breeds (the Dogs with smushed and Flat faces)
    2. Older pets
    3. In-heat or pregnant female dogs
    4. Overweight and obese dogs
    5. Aggressive dogs

    While doing surgery in a low-cost clinic, you should also keep in mind that there is not any special staff to give individual attention and monitoring of your pet. Also, the low-cost clinics do not offer the checking of blood pressure and ECG. They also do not monitor the dog to maintain constant body temperature during the surgery.

    All the above-described conditions do not mean that all low-cost clinics are of the same type. In some high-quality clinics, doctors take care of all these things before and after your pet’s surgery. Some low-cost clinics do not handle emergencies.

  4. 4. Is recovery faster with pain killers and antibiotics after spaying operation?

    Your dog should recover faster by eating high-quality painkillers and antibiotics. Anesthesia is also included in the cost of surgery. You should discuss all these things in detail with your vet.

    The reason is that every pet owner wants to know what will be used and how your dog will be monitored before and after the surgery.

    Along with anesthesia and medication, it is obvious that the cost of operation is also included. It is to know that there will be some blood work and monitoring before surgery if you go to the Vet Hospital.

Final words

When you have decided to get your dog neutered and want to estimate the cost, you must go to the Vet Hospital and a low-cost clinic.

Depending on your financial situation, you can easily decide where you have to take your dog for neutering or spaying. Keep in mind that your dog’s health matters a lot, so make sure that the vet care is fully equipped with a high-quality surgical suite and expert pet professionals.

All these things will give your pet the highest quality of care.


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