How much should I feed my dog?

A lot of people will give different kinds of answers based on their dog experiences of the question “how much should I feed my dog?“. However, during the feeding activities maintained in the case of dogs, emphasis must be placed on the scientific facts relating to the feeding aspects in the case of dogs.

Dog food calculator can be used to know the exact answer of “how much should I feed my dog?”

Normally, the puppies should not be separated until they are eight weeks old. But sometimes there may be orphaned puppies. Usually about 5% of the body weight can be taken as a criterion for the amount of food to be given to the puppets. However, the amount the dog consumes also varies with the size of the dogs.

One may, however, have a thumb rule to feed the puppy until you see the visible fullness of the abdomen to a moderate degree. If you continue to feed the animal without stressing the appearance of the belly of the animal, the puppy may experience certain kinds of digestive disorders and may have diarrhea.

This can cause a lot of inconvenience to the owner as well as the puppy. Unlike adult dogs, puppies need to be fed with limited amounts of food but at higher frequencies. However, once the age has advanced, the amount may be increased to some extent, but the frequency of feeding is often reduced.

Only two to four per cent of their body weight can be consumed by a dog on a raw diet. Just watch carefully the dog’s feeding pattern and the animal’s body condition. If the dog becomes obese, simply lower the amount of food, and if the dog becomes thin, the food will increase.

As mentioned earlier, puppies and adolescent dogs eat more than adult dogs. The geriatric dog also eats less than the adult dog because of the reduced movements of the dog. But remember to restrict protein levels to elderly dogs during dietary feeding.

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