How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog?

You may be ready to get a puppy, but persuading your parents to consent may be difficult. It would help if you began by pointing out the positives of dog ownership, such as companionship and persuading your parents to get a dog.

Then, to show your wisdom and commitment, take up more responsibilities in the home.

Consider what you’ll need to learn to care about a dog to show them you’re ready for dog ownership.

Top Tips to Convince Your Parents for a Dog Pet

1.  Talk about A Family Pet

Discuss with your parents how adopting a puppy would cause you to spend more time at home. As a result, you’ll have more time to spend with your dog. Tell them that owning a puppy will get the entire family together for walks around the park or a family barbecue in the backyard while tossing a Frisbee to the dog.  Make them imagine what it would feel like to have a family dinner with the dog at your side or a family game night with the dog at your feet.

2.  Show Them a Daily Routine List

Care, walks, exercise, brushing, and preparation are also necessities for any canine, whether it’s a puppy or an adult. You’re telling your parents that you realize how much work goes into parenting a happy, stable, well-adjusted pet by making a list of everyday activities. And convince them you can do all these tasks for your puppy.

3.  Show Them They Are Good For Mental Health

Keeping a dog can be calming, and dog owners have been shown to stay healthy and be happier. A dog can sense that you’re irritated and provide support in stressful situations. Dogs are intuitive animals who instinctively know how to make their parents happy. If your parents travel a lot, remind them that keeping a dog in the house will not only make you feel better, but it will also keep you happy when they’re away.

4.  Show Them your Research

From the size and weight to attitude and exercise requirements, each breed is unique. It may be possible that an adorable dog you see in the park may not be the best breed for your family.

For instance, if your family is athletic and requires a dog to accompany them on summer walks, a Toy Group breed might not be appropriate. A large breed can take up too much room if you live in an apartment. Explain why you’re looking for a specific species.

5.  Tell Them about Home Security

Dogs are pack protectors and can go to whatever length to protect those they consider to be their mates. With a dog in the home, you can feel safer.

Your dog will understand who is and isn’t allowed in your home with some diligent teaching. Houses with identifiable dogs inside are less likely to be stolen.

Demonstrate to your parents that a trained dog can not only be your lifetime friend but also your protector. Tell your parents how much more comfortable you’d be if you had a puppy at your side if you’re old enough for them to go on holiday without you.

6.  Attend To Your Parents’ Needs.

Maybe your mother or father is allergic to dogs. You should still give them a list of hypoallergenic dogs to choose from. Don’t get angry if they’re concerned with your grades or extracurricular activities. Listen to what they have to say and answer frankly. Then give them some time to consider your plan.

Having a dog may be one of life’s best pleasures, but it still comes with a great deal of obligation. If you can convince your parents that you’re ready and capable of taking on the burden, you’ll have the advantage of convincing them.

7.  Find A Way To Contribute To The Cost.

Because of the cost of food, cleaning, health treatment, and toys, dogs can be costly. Consider if you can contribute to this household cost. Then promise to cover any or part of the dog’s costs. You’ll have to keep this pledge, so make sure the money-making plans are feasible.

You may try to do odd jobs in the neighborhood, distribute newspapers, or contribute money from your allowance or birthday to assist with the expense of the puppy.

8.  Keep A Decent Academic Record.

If you want your family to see that you can tolerate the extra burden of having a puppy, you should maintain your grades. If you can, aspire to do any better in school and demonstrate to them that you can work hard and go to whatever length to get the puppy. 


Be as precise as possible whenever you intend to make a written commitment to your parents. “I’m going to keep my math scores at an A,” you might suggest. “I would get an A on all of my scientific tests.”

You may consider different quotes to convince your parents.

9.  Allow Them Time To Consider It.

Remember, if you challenge them every day, they would eventually shut you out. If they refuse, continue to demonstrate patience and empathy, be supportive around the home, and sometimes mention the dog to acclimate them to the notion. Being polite will also prove to them that you are dedicated enough to wait.

Provide them with a list of veterinarians

Demonstrate that you’ll be able to get veterinary attention for the puppy. Do your homework ahead of time and find the best veterinarian in your town. Ask your dog-owning mates for recommendations, or do some digging of your own.

If you don’t travel, try and locate a veterinarian near to your home because you can convince your parents that you’ve done your homework and can handle the situation.

Golden Tip

Keeping the dog in your home is an excellent source of amusement and joy. However, above all things, it is also essential to keep your parents happy. If your parents did not allow you to keep a pet, show some patience. Try to figure out their concerns. And then gradually convince them to keep a pet.

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