If you are considering or training your dog, you might want to check the following list to make sure that you are not making one of the common mistakes.

Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes

1) Give different words to the same command

If you want your dog to obey your commands, you must be consistent with the words you use. For example, most of the time you can issue the command “Sit.” It’s not good to expect your dog to sit down when you say “Get off my favorite chair”

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2) Rubbing the urine nose

This doesn’t affect the dog’s training. All you’re doing is burning your nose. Which is probably something you don’t want to do.

3) Smacking, hitting and punishing the dog

Expert dog trainers have shown that this kind of human behavior does not have a positive effect on the dog.

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4) Shouting

This is just going to confuse the dog. Remember, the whole point of verbal instruction is that you taught the dog to learn from the sound of your voice to link it to the action it needs to take.

5) Let the dog eat at the same time as you do

This tells the dog that he’s your equal. What you need to do is get the dog to eat after you. This is going to teach him that you are the master and in control.

6) Make training sessions too long

15 minutes is just about the right time for a training session. This keeps it fun for young dogs that can have a short time of attention.

7) Starting training too late

It’s much easier to train a young puppy. As a dog gets older, you’ll have to do a lot more obedience training and maybe you’ll have to take the dog to a training school.

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8) The puppy crate

the big puppies doesn’t like to be in a big crate. It makes them feel uncomfortable about it. You can get the boxes that are adjustable. So as the dog grows bigger, you can adjust the size of the crate to accommodate it.

9) Don’t train in a bad mood

Don’t train your dog when you’re in a bad mood. This means that the tone of your voice will be different, and the dog will not be able to link your verbal commands to the action it should take.

10) Not giving a lot of praise

To enforce your commands, when the dog has taken the right action, give him a lot of praise.