Welsh Terrier Dogs

The Welsh terrier is a brilliant watchdog due to its vigilant and active attitude.

Welsh Terrier is a little shy with strangers but friendly and loving with his family, especially with the children.

The Welsh terrier, which is also known as “Welshi,” is the oldest terrier breed from welsh.

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It is a very active, outgoing, and intelligent dog. This amazing dog is one of the calmest dogs from the terrier family with a less aggressive attitude.

It is different from other terrier breeds based on height and shape.

On the other hand, it is shy and uncommunicative with the strangers, but if it is well educated from an early age, it can become more friendly than any other terrier breed.

These high energy puppies can be playmates with almost anybody. By this high energy of Welsh terrier, you can keep up plenty of exercises and mental games.

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If you are already doing that, you probably have the best buddy for life that keeps you moving.


  • Height  ð 14 to 15 inches tall
  • Weight ð 9 to 9.5 kg
  • Color    ð Black and tan OR      grey-black and tan
  • Head    ð Normally broad with flat skull
  • Tail       ð Tail is erect but never curved on the back
  • Ears      ð Small, triangular and high set
  • Eyes      ð Small and dark in color
  • Nose     ð Black
  • Body     ð Square frame, compact and agile
terrier dogs history


They were originally used for hunting.

History of Welsh terrier is not very clear; however, there is a record of a Welsh terrier in 1450, when a welsh poet wrote about a “good black and red bitch to choke the brown polecat.”

He is associated with Wales; however, he lived in many regions of England in the 20th century.

He was raised to hunt mice, otters, foxes, and badgers. He was categorized as an old English Terrier in the breed of the terriers.

In 1885, he was classified as Welsh terrier by Kennedy Club from England.

In 1888, it arrived in the United States, but their importation was irregular at that time. Its popularity grew at a steady pace.


This dog is medium-sized, and its height is 14 to 15 inches. Females are slightly smaller than males.

It usually weighs 9 to 9.5 kg or 20 pounds, but it can be in proportion to the bone density and height of each dog.

Welsh Terrier Cost

The cost of owning a Welsh Terrier is about $300 to meet pre-adoption costs and caring for the breed.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a Welsh terrier dog is 10 to 14 years.

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Welsh terrier care

  • Brush the coat once in a week. The Welsh terrier dog does not fight.
  • Cut the hair whenever they are too long
  • Bathe this dog every six weeks
  • Clean ears to prevent infections like otitis
  • If you see any abnormality, go to the vet immediately
  • Keep the vaccinations up to date


Recommended food for Welsh terrier is ¾ to 1 cup of dry food, and divide it into two meals of the day.

Remember that its food can also depend on size, age, metabolism, and activity level.

If you want to know the required food per day of your puppy, use a dog feed calculator

Welsh Terrier Personality

The Welsh terrier is a highly affectionate dog with its owners and families; in fact, it can be the perfect friend of children.

But these little puppies must be monitored, because having a high level of energy, it often makes children lose their balance.

For this reason, there must be a mature person nearby who can prevent this type of incident.

Regardless of the above, they make a strong relationship with their owners and are always ready to delight them.

It is convenient to socialize them at an early age so that they can familiarize themselves with all kinds of people and places because otherwise, they fight with other dogs to make them feel threatened.

welsh terrier dogs personality

This dog is usually suspicious of strangers; these terriers will never attack them, but they will keep their distance until the person makes a better relationship with them.

If you give proper training, the dog will show confidence without being shy, and it will not show aggressive skills in specific situations.