Wind chimes are magical enough to inspire an entire song by Dick Lee, wind chimes have long soothed the mind and heart of humans for many years and still continuing to soothe us. 

People who are new or looking to change their old one with a new one they can have a look at the wind chimes guide which is elaborated below.

Wind chimes create a range of experiences for people of different ages. These are crafted by man but played by the breeze, it can alternatively take us to a subconscious backdrop or be the primary point of our concentration.

These chimes can create a light, delicate tinkling or sound like loud bells in the church. In knowing how to choose the best wind chimes, people are giving themself a gift of music.

Picking the right wind chimes for our surroundings gives the ability to create our own sound, hence wherever we go if we hear that similar tone it will remind us of our home.

Different types of wind chimes

Wind chimes can be a beautiful addition to our home, garden, or even gym.

Below are the different types of wind chimes that are designed for indoor and outdoor spaces.

1)    Bell chimes

These are unique chimes made up of different bells and aligned together, as the breeze passes through these bells, bells swing and sing a unique song to soothe our mind and ears.

2)    Tubular chimes

These tubular chimes are vertical tubes mostly made from bamboo or aluminum, all of these vary in size therefore when wind passes through these chimes, they sound like tubes are swinging and banging in each other which sounds quite unique.

3)    Feng shui chimes

These wind chimes are famously inspired by Asian designs, to bring in the metal element and pass out positivity through sound energy vibrations.

4)    Celebration and memorial chimes

These wind chimes are designed to be an excellent gift for people on their special occasions, like wedding anniversary, Christmas, and a beautiful gift for toddlers.

Sound of wind chimes

All of these wind chimes have their own unique tones, some have high tones like the bells ringing in church, while others have medium and low tones.

The reason why they all differ is because of the material they are built with, as we mentioned earlier some sound like metals some like bells others like wind sails. Either of them can add a lovely element to our outdoor space and an audible quality for us and our guests are certainly going to enjoy.